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Used to set current on stepper drivers

  • Ceramic Screw Driver

    Ceramic Screw Driver $8.99

    So why would you need a ceramic screw driver?    When setting the current on stepper sticks, the trim pot is completely metal and will short out if you use a standard metal screw driver.    Enter this...

  • Crimp Tool for DuPont connectors

    Crimp Tool for DuPont connectors $19.99

    This is the tool you will need to connect these 2.54mm DuPont pin connectors for your stepper motors, endstops, and thermistors. Please see the product videos below.   Specifications: AWG 18-28 .1-1mm^2...

  • Desoldering Pump

    Desoldering Pump $4.99

    Ever mess up on soldering? Solder joint break? This desoldering pump makes such a task as fixing your soldering and cleaning it up a simple task. Simply heat the solder joint, press the nozzle to the solder and press the...

  • Heat Sink Glue

    Heat Sink Glue $3.99

    Increase the thermal transfer of the bond between your stepper stick and the heatsink.  This glue will raise the thermal transfer as much as 20% as advertised by multiple resources. ...

  • Helping Hands

    Helping Hands $8.90

    Dropping delicate projects? Barely able to see where you're soldering or painting? Helping Hands Magnifier is useful for model making, jewlery, computer parts, Do It Yourself and other hobby works. Specs: Size 2 1/2"...

  • Magnetic stand with dial indicator

    Magnetic stand with dial indicator $27.78

    SMW3D now has the magnetic stand with dial indicator available. The magnetic stand allows the dial indicator to be freely standing, and is fully adjustable to allow the indicator to be properly set up to the object being...

  • Soldering Iron

    Soldering Iron $11.99

    This soldering iron is the tool you need for applying solder to wires, boards, or any other electronics you may be working on. Comes with 5 other tips and has adjustable temperature. Made from stainless steel, this 110V/60W...

  • Soldering Iron Stand

    Soldering Iron Stand $4.50

    Rest your hot iron on this soldering iron stand instead of placing it down on your table, possibly resulting in burns. The stand features a spring holder to prevent the iron from rolling away and also has a sponge to help...

  • Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner with Wire Sponge

    Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner with Wire Sponge $11.99

    Got a dirty soldering iron? We've got just the solution for you. This soldering iron tip cleaner will get that solder off your iron. When you want to retire your wire sponge, it'll come right out for easy replacement...