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Product Description

 Please read this entire description prior to purchase.

It should be noted this is a maker's kit, made by makers for makers. If you are in the market for a CNC router that is ready to go out of the box, this is not the kit for you. This kit requires assembly. 

If you are in the market for a kit that you can modify, hack, and add your own knowledge base too and are willing to spend a weekend assembling, look no further. We take the BOM for the OX and cut the plates on our OX, cut and surface the extruded aluminum, and add all things in one box with build instructions. This is designed to keep you from needing to source all the parts from various sites while providing you with everything but the spoiler board in one simple shipment. 


Since inception, SMW3D's customers and friends have made a universal request, offer a kit!

This is THE kit! A DIY CNC machine that is customizable, rigid, and operates like a Swiss clock!


What is an OX anyway? 


Well, for the quick answer go down to the YouTube video links below. The OpenBuild's OX is a CNC router that both inspired this build and is opensource and community supported. The OX was inspired by other builds such as the Shapeoko and a need for an easy to build, strong CNC that anyone can put together, use, and expand. SMW3D built one a while back and has loved this machine and its capabilities. We decided we needed to keep improving the design and this is what we offer!


The standard kit that SMW3D offers is a 13" x 21" cut path (large format is 22" x 30"), utilizes a quiet cut spindle, can cut most woods and aluminum with ease, and offers everything but the spoiler in one box.

Items included are:

The aluminum gantry plates, 

ox-plates.jpg Yep, that's what your plates will look like from your kit and yes, after you build it, you will have the capability to cut like this as well. Please note: the plates are roughed and deburred. 

Extruded aluminum, cut to length and ends surfaced. An often missed item, if your building yourself ensure your axis are equal lengths. 

All fasteners, nuts, pulleys, belts, spindle, power supplies, wire, heat shrink tubing... The list goes on forever. We even include a fan for your controller to stay cool!

One very awesome note: the complete build instructions are provided with the kit in a full step by step with images and manual. The Openbuild's OX videos are here and can also be used to assist. Our kit does vary slightly.

It really could not be more fun to build!  

How about some FAQs?

  • Why is SMW3D offering a kit of an already established build?

The SMW3D product line puts us in the perfect position to help others build this with everything in one box with the exception of the controller and the spoiler board. 

  • Can you make a kit bigger than the 750 x 1000mm? 

Sorry guys but due to rigidity loss we will not be able to offer a larger kit. We have pushed the envelope as far as the OX can go and still be a reliable machine at 750 x 1000mm.

  • Does SMW3D offer international shipping on this kit?

Actually, we go one step above for this kit. We will assemble and drop it off at a UPS or FedEx store locally. Contact us with the options you want and we will give the packaging dimensions and weight. You handle everything else and have full control.  

  • Why not include a spoiler board?

The spoiler board is simply a piece of MDF (particle type board) that can be quickly purchased and cut to size by any home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe's.  Shipping such an item would be very costly for our customers and friends so we leave this out. If you need one, please ask we will be happy to ship one to you but note shipping is going to be rather expensive for this item. 

  • What is included in the standard kit

Everything but the spoiler board and the controller.  You can of course choose the TinyG and you will only need the spoiler board. You will need common hand tools such as a 5/16" combination wrench, 10mm combination wrench, metric allen wrench set, an M5 tap and a soldering iron. Everything else, and we mean everything else, will be in one box for less than you can piece the kit together yourself. There is also a substantial cost savings associated with shipping.

  • Do I need to tell you about the controller I want to use prior to ordering the kit?

No, but it will help. We include high quality Nema 23 stepper motors rated at high currents. If you want to run a board like the Smoothie, it helps to know ahead of time so we can include steppers that are more adapt to their stepper sticks. 

  • Can the OX cut aluminum?

YES and most types of wood.

  • What is the lead time on this kit? 

The lead time is 7-14 days. We know this stinks but to give you an idea of why, we build each kit by hand. The gantry plates are already cut, but we cut the extruded aluminum one piece at a time for each kit. The extruded aluminum is then surfaced and matched to its mate within .5mm tolerance. We hand bag each set of fasteners, nuts, couplers, ACME screw, power supplies, etc, etc. Then we check each item off in your user manual. The products are then bagged per step. For example:  step one has a bill of materials and an individual bag. The build manual has what is in this bag item by item listed and a place for you and SMW3D to check it off. We would rather do this right than make a mistake and have your dreams of using your awesome OX bashed by missing components. We put a lot of quality control into each kit.

  • I notice a number of items are out of stock at the Openbuild's website and a number of things in the OX kit appear to be from them, will this affect your delivery time?

While we are proud to work with OpenBuilds it should be noted our stocks are completely separate.  

  • As far as electronics, what exactly is included?

3 Nema 23 motors 2.5 to 2.6A/phase, 1 Nema 17 1.7A-2.4/phase, wires to get the motors to the control board, a 24V 350W power supply, a 300w spindle, a speed control for the spindle, heat shrink tubing, and a fan to cool your control board. If you opt for the spindle upgrade, a 400W spindle is included and an additional dedicated power supply that is 48V 400W. You simply choose a controller (such as the TinyG option) and run your wires to it. If you have an old controller from a previous build, as long as it will drive 4 qty 4 wire stepper motors at 2+ amps per phase, it should work fine. 

  • Can I remove items from the kit? 

We have worked very hard to get the most out of this kit. This includes running math calculations on deflection, motor selection, wire gauges, power supplies, weight distributions, and longevity and serviceability. We believe this kit can be expanded on but would like to keep it in tact. We are of course, always speaking to our customers about options and upgrades.  If you have an idea or need a price on a specific configuration please ask, just head over to the contact us page.  

  • How is the Z axis driven and what is the Z cutting height?

The Z axis is driven by a Tr8x8, four start ACME thread. The Z height is dependent on a few factors such as thickness of the spoiler board chosen and the position you mount the spindle. A typical clearance and cutting availability is 80 to 90mm. 


A look at the options:

  • The standard kit price is in bare aluminum in color, the black option is for all extruded aluminum in black anodized coating. There is no mechanical advantage here it is purely cosmetic, but it looks really good in black anodize



  • The next option is an upgrade to a 400 watt spindle kit. The 400 watt spindle kit comes with an additional 48V power supply which will get the most out of the cutting power and a 400 watt spindle. The standard kit offers one 24V x 350 power supply to run everything and a 300w spindle. We highly recommend the spindle upgrade to get the most out of your OX. If you plan on cutting aluminum, again, we suggest selecting the 400w option. 
  • Another option is to have your OX plates sandblasted, choose this option if you want paint your OX plates. It is another cosmetic upgrade.
  • An additional option is to upgrade all solid V-wheel kits to extreme wheels, these are a harder wheel and will wear much slower. We suggest this upgrade if you will be running your OX for more than just small hobby jobs. 



  • Yet another option is to change out the GT2 belt for GT3 belt.

We will change out the pulleys and the belt in the kit for you, all you need to do is click the button. To find out more about these belts, please see the store's section on belts and pulleys. The belt descriptions are here: /gt-belt-1/ the pulleys are here: /gt-pulleys-gt2-and-gt3/ . 

  • The next option is for the an added set of wheels across the top of the X gantry. On the standard OX size this is not required, just an option. We highly recommend this on the 1000mm x 750mm build. The reason for this upgrade is to help distribute the weight of the spindle and motor better.

This will add an extra 2 qty M5 x 65mm, 2 qty M5 nuts, 4 spacers, 8 washers, 4 wheels that match the ones in your kit and additional machined holes in the OX plates to handle this great upgrade. 



  • A great option is a sheathing kit for the wires. This helps keep the wires out of all rotating and mechanical objects. It also adds a cosmetic appeal. We will contact you about the color you want. More information can be found on the sheathing here:/10mm-expandable-sleeving/.
  • Yet another option, applies to the small format OX. The large format OX has two supports under the spoiler board, the small format has one. Selecting the additional support for the small format provides two support braces under the spoiler board on the small format. 
  • Choosing the Z axis upgrade provides a NEMA 23, associated plate and coupler, spacers and fastners. The standard OX comes with a NEMA 17 driven Z axis, this is more than efficient for the 300 or 400W spindle. If you plan on installing a larger spindle later, choose this option.
  • The next option requires no elaboration, select the TinyG upgrade and receive a TinyG in your kit, it could not be easier! The TinyG is an all-in-one controller. 
  • Select the cable chain option and receive a 20mm spacer, M5 x 35mm bolt and M5 nut, X gantry 10mm x 10mm cable chain and two 4mm bolts. To install, you will need to drill and tap two 4mm bolt holes in the top of the 20 x 40 X gantry bar. This will keep everything across the X gantry nice and clean. 
  • E-stop button. A safety add-on. Wire this to your power supply and quickly kill the power to your OX. 
  • Spoiler Board Nuts. You will need these to hold your work piece down. (sold separately)
  • The last option to mention is kind of a big one, pun intended. This option replaces the two 20x80mmx750mm side gantry Y runs with 1000mm long pieces, the 20x60x500mm X gantry runs are replaced with 750mm long pieces, the 710mm Y cross brace is replaced with TWO 960mm cross braces, the back X and two end 20x40x500mm pieces are replaced with 750mm extruded aluminum. This takes the OX from a 750 x 500mm frame to a 1000 x 750mm frame! The remainder of the kit stays the same. This is the number one request we get for this kit, so here it is! Please do select the option to run four rows of wheels across the top of the X gantry with this option. How big is the big OX? It will hold the small OX! 
  • CamBam Software add-on. For more information please see this page. /cambam-cnc-software/.

Please note:  We surface the ends of the aluminum to get the squarest surface possible for you to mount plates on, with that said though, there can be light scuffs on the aluminum from the equipment we use. We do our best to take care not to blemish the surface at all but at times it does happen.


This kit includes what is called the quick and dirty mount for the spindle. It is four cast 90s, hardware, and clamps to mount the spindle.  

Please watch the YouTube videos, visit the build instructions on the OpenBuild's website and let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. 

This build is covered by the CC - Attribution Share Alike license - CC BY SA, build and share!


What comes in your OX kit?

Note:  This is for the large format kit! Items noted as optional are related to the options available.

 Step One:

  • 2 x 20 x 80 x 1000mm
  • 2 x 20 x 40 x 746mm
  • 2 x 20 x 40 x 960mm
  • 4 x 5 hole 90s
  • 8 x cast 90s
  • 25 x M5 x 10mm bolts
  • 16 x M5 x 8mm bolts
  • 28 x T-nuts

Step Two:

  • 2 x 20 x 80 x 1000mm
  • 2 x 20 x 40 x 746mm
  • 2 x 20 x 40 x 960mm
  • 4 x 5 hole 90s
  • 8 x cast 90s
  • 25 x M5 x 10mm bolts
  • 16 x M5 x 8mm bolts
  • 28 x T-nuts

Step Three:

  • 14 x wheel kits
  • 14 x M5 x 30 bolts
  • 2 x Nema 23 motors
  • 2 x Y gantry plates (the larger plates)
  • 6 x eccentric spacers
  • 8 x M5 nuts
  • 8 x ¼” spacers
  • 8 x M5 x 25mm bolts

Step Four:

  • 2 x 20 x 60 x 750
  • 1 x 20 x 40 x 750
  • 18 x M5 x 15mm bolts    
  • 2 x T-nuts
  • 2 cast 90s
  • 2 x M5 nuts
  • 2 x M5 x 8mm bolts

Step Five:

  • 2 X gantry plates
  • 14 x wheel kits
  • 4 x 3mm spacers (or 18 x10x5x1mm shims)
  • 4 x M5 x 65mm bolts
  • Optional wheel upgrade
  • + 2 x M5 x 65
  • + 2 x 3mm spacers
  • +4 x wheel kits
  • +6 x ¼” spacers
  • 16 x M5 nuts
  • 7 x eccentric spacers
  • 6 x LP M5 x 40mm bolts
  • 6 x LP M5 x 20mm bolts
  • 1 x ACME nut block
  • 2 x Nema 17 threaded rod plates
  • 2 x 688zz bearings
  • 2 x lock collars
  • 1 x 8” ACME SCREW
  • 1 x 20 x 60 x 180mm
  • 1 x 5mm x 8mm coupling
  • 3 x M3 x 45 bolts
  • 3 x 1.5” spacers
  • 1 x Nema 17
  • 2 x spacer blocks
  • 6 x M5 x 15mm bolts
  • 1 x Nema 23
  • 11 x ¼” spacer
  • 4 x M5 x 25mm bolts

 Step Six:

  • 4 x T-nuts
  • 2 x drop-in T-nuts
  • 6 x M5 x 8mm bolts
  • 2 x 1080mm GT belt
  • 1 x 850mm GT belt
  • 3 x GT pulleys with 6.35mm bore

Step Seven:

  • Step seven has no hardware it is just the spoiler board install. 

Step Eight:

  • Spindle motor
  • Wire for motors
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Power supply
  • Power supply cable
  • Optional Spindle upgrade power supply 
  • Optional wire sheathing
  • Speed control
  • 2 x  Clamp
  • 4 x cast 90s
  • 4 x T-nuts
  • 4 x M5 x 10mm screws
  • Fan for cooling control board
  • Lead wire for spindle


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Product Reviews

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  1. Easy build, great value.

    Posted by on Jun 20th 2017

    My Uncle and I (Buildbotics LLC) built the large format OX together, on film, in about 6 hours. We had a couple of hiccups, like breaking off a tap in one of the holes, but for the most part, things went pretty smoothly. The instructions could be improved but writing instructions is hard. We purchased several of the upgrades which had slightly different build requirements. These differences were not clearly documented. Despite a few deficiencies in the instructions, we are very happy with the results.

    We purchased the OX in order to demonstrate the Buildbotics CNC controller. The machine runs smoothly and we are easily able to hit velocities of up 56k mm/min (2.2k in/min) with the stock 24v power supply and NEMA 23 motors. We got it all on video. Look for this and more in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

    A special thank you to the SMW3D crew for making sure we got the parts in plenty of time for our video shoot. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. Great product.

    Posted by on Jan 8th 2017

    This is a great product. It comes with everything you need to start a project EXCEPT a router bit, I assumed it came with at least a cheap 1/8 bit, I was wrong. I would recommend buying some limit switches but that's not a must. Unless you are having all your components real close to the OX (like 1 foot) you HAVE TO buy more wire. I set up my tinyg and PWM about 6 feet away and it took 30' of additional 22-4 wire. My only big complaint is that the directions aren't very clear, it's been brought up in other reviews and I have to agree completely. Do yourself a favor and file down the drop in t-nuts in half if you upgrade to gt3 belts otherwise It just won't fit and make sure to put in 4 t-nuts on your z axis before you put on your bottom plate. The instructions don't meantion anything about it until you need to put on the spindle then you have to undo what you just did just to put on the included regular t-nuts (should have been drop in t-nuts). Last thing is there is no info on how to wire this up or what programs to use. YouTube "Setup and overview ox". It's 4 videos from a guy and gives you plenty of info to get you started.


    Posted by on Dec 21st 2016

    This was a hoot to put together. Excellent packaging, good instructions, well-prepared.
    I have limited experience building anything like this - a decent background in electronics and ability to solder; that's about it. I was super excited for the kit to arrive, and it took a bit longer than I'd hoped, but these are custom kits, and with the attention to detail, I'm not even remotely surprised. I laid out all the parts and pieces as detailed in the instructions, and got to work. It took the better part of a week of evenings to get everything assembled, not counting any electronics, but I worked slowly and methodically. There are a few minor hiccups in the directions wherein I had to really lay things out in my head and physically so that I understood, but once I walked through a few times, it went perfectly. The only snag was that I had a single short bolt (out of literally hundreds and hundreds), but a trip to big-box got me what I needed. Since that's literally the only thing I could complain about if I were to, this kit gets a full 5 stars. The attention to detail was impeccable, and sincerely, though it's not for the faint-of-heart, I don't regret a single penny spent on this.
    The last stage - the electronics - are also not for the faint-of-heart. There are some great videos and guides online about wiring them up - it would be great if they were laid out or sponsored by SMW3D, but it's also understandable that each kit can differ, and there are too many permutations to make that scalable. So, it's pretty much left up to you how to wire, how to route wiring, where to put control boxes, etc. With the detail on the mechanical assembly, it was shocking to not have that on electronics, but you've made a great accomplishment when it fires up for the first time. The software - I stuck with free options now of JSCUT and ChiliPeppr. They work fine.
    Good luck! You'll LOVE this kit, and you'll learn more than you expect.

  4. Amazing Product! Fun Build!

    Posted by on Sep 28th 2016

    I ordered the large Ox and within a week I was cutting projects. For being my first CNC build, I expected more problems and days of troubleshooting. Surprisingly not the case with this SMW3D kit. Everything is bagged and labeled. Super easy build. Even the electronics, wiring and settings can be found online. If you want more detail than they give you. Needless to say, I'm one happy customer!

    Just as info for those thinking about this build, Chillipeppr works great with Easel as your CAD/CAM. It will create your Gcode for Chillipeppr to read and cut. I know there are more programs out there, this just got me started with images...still researching. Researching is part of the fun with this little hobby.

    Happy Cutting!

  5. Great kit for a a great price

    Posted by on Sep 4th 2016

    I think SMW3D have kit on the market, sourcing all the parts separately would be be super expensive if you include the shipping fees. I was able to build the kit in a couple of hours. Make sur you have strong enough stepper drivers or it just won't work. I use an Arduino with a GRBL shield and DRV8825 stepper sticks (make sure you have more than enough cooling) and will probably switch to DQ542MA.

  6. solid kit great people

    Posted by on Sep 3rd 2016

    The kit it self is a solid kit well designed. The people behind it are what makes the difference. Any issues you may have the people at SMW3D are great to work with and very timely on responses. I got my kit at 12 on friday and 6 hours later it is mostly built just need to wire up all the electronics. Far better value than the kits you find on ebay or even entry level commercial machines that cost 4 to 5,000$. A++ kit and group.

  7. Solid Kit

    Posted by on Aug 17th 2016

    I'm only half way through the build but it has been easy and so far seems really sturdy. Only complaint is that the 1000mm rail was damaged in shipping and I'm still waiting a response from my email to them about it. I agree with the other posts that having everything bagged for each step is a hugh time saver Can't wait for this machine to be up and going.

  8. Awesome OX

    Posted by on Jun 15th 2016

    I am amazed at how easy it is to put together an OX. My only complain is with the instructions. I think they are poorly written with too many assumptions. I've never done anything like this - I mean building electronics- or any mechanics - I'm an artist. But once I figured it out the configuration falls in place nicely.

  9. Very Solid Kit, Loved building it

    Posted by on Apr 15th 2016

    I bought this kit as a Christmas gift for my teenage sons and myself. This is the first CNC/3 axis I've ever had, so I figured I'd get a kit and hopefully minimize the fool's tax. I'm very happy I chose this one. It is an excellent project. The materials were well cut and the design is quite rigid. All the little screws and parts are bagged and clearly marked, which is HUGE for a project like this. There are a few thing that could be improved that I'll note at the bottom, but in spite of those, I'm extremely happy. I'll also note that I picked up just about every upgrade available.

    Here's some things to be aware of if you haven't worked with openbuild systems:
    -You'll need an M5 tap and a good ball-end hex set for the build. I found cutting oil to be very helpful.
    -This kit is a piece of hardware, and the hardware build is well documented, but the controller board(tinyg) and software to run it are not. There IS enough documentation to point you in the right direction. This was a bit frustrating because I was starting at zero knowledge. To clarify this point, my kids and I had the router built in about two days, but it took about another three weeks to get all the software located, set up and tested. This time included a number of configuration trials. If you are already familiar with CNC software, this would not be a problem for you at all.
    -This forum post was essential:

    My one serious wish for this would be the inclusion of limit switches, or at least predetermined mount points for them. I'm working on a setup to cut circuit boards, and am spending way too much time figuring out the best place to put a set ( the z-axis is particularly troubling). The second wish, would be the inclusion of some extra t-nuts/screws and notes _early_ in the build of where to possibly place them for adding things like mounts points for the circuit boards, or clamping systems. Third, and this is very minor, would be an option for a better belt tension system.

    I want to take a moment an mention the customer service. I ordered this kit a couple of days after the posted Christmas cutoff, but it was still shipped in time. Kudos to the whole crew for that!
    We are VERY happy with the CNC. It is an excellent design and the parts are high quality. You won't be disappointed!

  10. Best small CNC for the money

    Posted by on Mar 15th 2016

    I purchased the Ox CNC will most of the options, making it a "Big" Ox with the 400 watt spindle. I have been building it part time for a couple days and have most of the assembly completed and working on the wiring. The kit is very well organized and this allowed me to complete different stages of the build out of sequence. The parts are of very high quality and I am certain the CNC will perform very well. There are a couple minor changes I made to the included materials. I picked up longer bolts that were included, to go into the ends of the extrusions. Since the hold strength of aluminum threads isn't nearly as good as steel, I tapped the holes 20mm deep and used 16mm bolts. The kit included two "spin-in" tee nuts for the clamping the belt ends to x axis carriage. I found these very difficult to install so I picked up a couple of the standard tee nuts like were used for the rest of the machine and found them much easier to deal with. I did manage to remember to install Tee nuts in the Z-mount to attach the spindle thanks to one of the review comments. The instructions didn't mention it so reading these reviews can help with the build.... Other than those minor items, everything else was great!!! Cudos to the SWM3D team for putting together a fantastic kit!

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