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Product Description


What is an OX?

An OX is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machine used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, plastics, and foams. So instead of routing your material by hand, a CNC router allows the tool path to be controlled via CNC and you get to sit back and watch the magic happen while your machine performs the grunt work.

Why do I need one of these machines?

If you are a maker, hobbyist, crafter, or just a “tinkerer”, then this machine is for you! His and hers projects combine to bring a fun, money-making experience to your household and/or workplace. From furniture, sign making, and home décor to musical instruments, prototypes, and RC parts, the sky is the limit to what you can create!

What do I need for this build?

Spoiler board, USB cable, and a computer (Raspberry Pi can be used).

Assembly tools included. No drilling, tapping, or soldering required.

What kind of extras can you add to the OX?

Build an awesome control box yourself on your OX cnc machine. See more detail here as well watch the machine in action. 

A dust boot is out being beta tested and will be offered soon. There is also a way to add a MW laser attachment coming very soon. Files will be made available as well for these and can be made on the OX. 

A great add to the cart is the end mill starter set, these all fit the OX directly and provide expanded abilities from the start. 

With all of the CNC Routers in the market today; why buy an OX or R7 from SMW3D? 


This build a direct descendant of Mark Carew's awesome OX CNC build. 

The build instructions can be found here. This is a google version, some editing may be lost; for best viewing download in word. 

Please note dust boot and laser mount is not included with the order. The product will be offered in December 2017.





1. What exactly has been revised from the previous machine build?

Answer - There have been several changes based on feedback over the years and some items we just never really liked about our kit. All kits come with machined spindle clamps, full wiring that does not require the builder to solder connections, no drilling and tapping is required, a new size was offered(1500 x 1500), homing switches were added, spindle speed control is standard, entire electrical system runs on 48VDC and can be powered by 100 or 220VAC, controller became standard with loaded profile for the build, all wiring provided is shielded, X and Y cable chains are now standard, and a few other small changes. All in all this brings a very sturdy and complete kit to the table.


2. What else will I need after I build this machine and hook up my computer?

Answer - The controller is a GRBL based controller, you will need to speak to the controller somehow. This is done through a variety of different programs, such as bCNC, CNC.js, chillipeppr, and a few others are available. Best of all they are free to download and use. Most of these programs will work on a RaspberryPi. 


3. Is there a lead time on the build? 

Answer - The lead time is based on volume, we typically have a kit shipped in 7 business days. 


4. Is the CamBam software above required?

No, this is an awesome CAM program that changes your drawing (DXF file) into gcode, there are free to download options out there.


5. How do I use this machine?

It is actually a lot easier than most believe it will be. Understand the whole scope by reading this:blog post.


6. Does this kit include stepper motors, controller, wire, power supply, and spindle. 

Yes, the kit includes Nema 23 stepper motors, an M1 GRBL controller, wire to connect everything, 48VDC power supply (even the cable to plug the power supply into the wall) and a 400w spindle.


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  1. Great kit for a a great price

    Posted by on Sep 4th 2016

    I think SMW3D have kit on the market, sourcing all the parts separately would be be super expensive if you include the shipping fees. I was able to build the kit in a couple of hours. Make sur you have strong enough stepper drivers or it just won't work. I use an Arduino with a GRBL shield and DRV8825 stepper sticks (make sure you have more than enough cooling) and will probably switch to DQ542MA.

  2. solid kit great people

    Posted by on Sep 3rd 2016

    The kit it self is a solid kit well designed. The people behind it are what makes the difference. Any issues you may have the people at SMW3D are great to work with and very timely on responses. I got my kit at 12 on friday and 6 hours later it is mostly built just need to wire up all the electronics. Far better value than the kits you find on ebay or even entry level commercial machines that cost 4 to 5,000$. A++ kit and group.

  3. Solid Kit

    Posted by on Aug 17th 2016

    I'm only half way through the build but it has been easy and so far seems really sturdy. Only complaint is that the 1000mm rail was damaged in shipping and I'm still waiting a response from my email to them about it. I agree with the other posts that having everything bagged for each step is a hugh time saver Can't wait for this machine to be up and going.

  4. Awesome OX

    Posted by on Jun 15th 2016

    I am amazed at how easy it is to put together an OX. My only complain is with the instructions. I think they are poorly written with too many assumptions. I've never done anything like this - I mean building electronics- or any mechanics - I'm an artist. But once I figured it out the configuration falls in place nicely.

  5. Very Solid Kit, Loved building it

    Posted by on Apr 15th 2016

    I bought this kit as a Christmas gift for my teenage sons and myself. This is the first CNC/3 axis I've ever had, so I figured I'd get a kit and hopefully minimize the fool's tax. I'm very happy I chose this one. It is an excellent project. The materials were well cut and the design is quite rigid. All the little screws and parts are bagged and clearly marked, which is HUGE for a project like this. There are a few thing that could be improved that I'll note at the bottom, but in spite of those, I'm extremely happy. I'll also note that I picked up just about every upgrade available.

    Here's some things to be aware of if you haven't worked with openbuild systems:
    -You'll need an M5 tap and a good ball-end hex set for the build. I found cutting oil to be very helpful.
    -This kit is a piece of hardware, and the hardware build is well documented, but the controller board(tinyg) and software to run it are not. There IS enough documentation to point you in the right direction. This was a bit frustrating because I was starting at zero knowledge. To clarify this point, my kids and I had the router built in about two days, but it took about another three weeks to get all the software located, set up and tested. This time included a number of configuration trials. If you are already familiar with CNC software, this would not be a problem for you at all.
    -This forum post was essential:

    My one serious wish for this would be the inclusion of limit switches, or at least predetermined mount points for them. I'm working on a setup to cut circuit boards, and am spending way too much time figuring out the best place to put a set ( the z-axis is particularly troubling). The second wish, would be the inclusion of some extra t-nuts/screws and notes _early_ in the build of where to possibly place them for adding things like mounts points for the circuit boards, or clamping systems. Third, and this is very minor, would be an option for a better belt tension system.

    I want to take a moment an mention the customer service. I ordered this kit a couple of days after the posted Christmas cutoff, but it was still shipped in time. Kudos to the whole crew for that!
    We are VERY happy with the CNC. It is an excellent design and the parts are high quality. You won't be disappointed!

  6. Best small CNC for the money

    Posted by on Mar 15th 2016

    I purchased the Ox CNC will most of the options, making it a "Big" Ox with the 400 watt spindle. I have been building it part time for a couple days and have most of the assembly completed and working on the wiring. The kit is very well organized and this allowed me to complete different stages of the build out of sequence. The parts are of very high quality and I am certain the CNC will perform very well. There are a couple minor changes I made to the included materials. I picked up longer bolts that were included, to go into the ends of the extrusions. Since the hold strength of aluminum threads isn't nearly as good as steel, I tapped the holes 20mm deep and used 16mm bolts. The kit included two "spin-in" tee nuts for the clamping the belt ends to x axis carriage. I found these very difficult to install so I picked up a couple of the standard tee nuts like were used for the rest of the machine and found them much easier to deal with. I did manage to remember to install Tee nuts in the Z-mount to attach the spindle thanks to one of the review comments. The instructions didn't mention it so reading these reviews can help with the build.... Other than those minor items, everything else was great!!! Cudos to the SWM3D team for putting together a fantastic kit!

  7. Excellent Machine

    Posted by on Feb 17th 2016

    I purchased the large-OX and overall, I am extremely impressed with this kit for the price.

    The only real negative was that the two bottom holes in the rear plate for my X-assembly were not milled all the way through. These holes take eccentric spacers for your two bottom wheel assemblies and I had to drill them the rest of the way out. Not really a big deal, just an inconvenience.
    Also, the spindle mount kit came with regular T-nuts (not drop-ins) which required me to remove the bottom plate from my Z-assembly after it had been mounted to add the T-nuts. Again, not a big deal,... just an inconvenience.

    I will mention that there was not enough wire included with this kit to properly dress the machine out unless I mounted the controller board on the gantry somewhere.
    Since I wanted my electronics positioned separate from the machine, I needed some additional 22/4 wire and I also ordered a second (larger) drag chain for the cables to run along the Y-axis.
    The drag chain I ordered for the Y-Axis I ordered a little larger since it needs to support wires for all 4 steppers, the limit switches (which I also ordered separate from Openbuilds) and the spindle. For that many wires, the larger (15x30mm) cable chain was much easier to work with than the 10x15mm that comes with the kit.

    That being said, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I had been thinking about building a CNC for about a year and had priced out most of the parts and can tell you this kit is an exceptional value.

    Having everything shipped in one box, not having to source parts from multiple vendors, Etc,.. is a huge convenience and one that SMW3d could charge a premium for.
    Instead, they did all the leg work and now provide a great kit at great price.

    As mentioned, the kit was packaged nicely. In spite of my box being pretty beat up all of the parts were in excellent shape.
    The instructions included were nicely done and made assembly fairly easy.
    I do recommend purchasing an M5 tap bit if you want to avoid sore hands from manually tapping the 24 or so holes that need threads.

    Build this thing right and it is SOLID.
    Make sure you spend time ensuring your frame is square and your spindle is mounted true and this thing will give you excellent performance.

    This kit really cannot be beat for the price and I highly recommend it.

  8. Great Project

    Posted by on Jan 26th 2016

    Everything I needed was included with the kit, laid out according to steps and packaged carefully. Frame members and plates were precisely cut. All of the electronics work perfectly. Instructions were included and they were very helpful. I am very happy with how the nearly completed machine is turning out.

  9. Amazing kit

    Posted by on Nov 4th 2015

    I just received this kit (large kit) a couple of days ago and have been assembling it at a leisurely pace in the evenings after work, I don't have it completed as of this review. First impressions of the overall package are just WOW, packed very well and amazing attention to detail. I'm sure this could be pieced together for less than the cost of the kit, but I personally would rather spend a little more to help support an American small business with a great product. The time saved and the convenience of purchasing everything (everything sorted by step and well labelled at that!) all at once from one source is more than worth it in my opinion. Everyone I have talked with over at SMW3D has been fantastic and extremely helpful with pre-purchase questions and communication during the order process. At the time of my purchase there were supply issues with the TingyG controller, the situation was handled promptly! My thanks to Brandon, Lauren and the whole crew over at SMW3D!!

  10. Very nice!

    Posted by on Oct 29th 2015

    this is a very good, well thought out kit. The manual can enjoy some improvement. For example, on page 20 eccentric spacer is shown on the right side of the gantry plate, but instruction suggested to install it on the left side. Would be a little simpler to take an inventory of the part received if bags are numbered consecutively. Other then that it is an awesome solution for anyone who needs a good and reliable CNC machine.

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