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The parts one needs to build one's dream.

  • 2 Hole Flat Joining Strip

    2 Hole Flat Joining Strip $1.99

    4mm thick joining strip allows you to connect two pieces of extruded aluminum with ease! 40 x 18 x 4mm 6105...

  • 20 x 20 small gantry plate

    20 x 20 small gantry plate $6.29

    This little guy is used to create a linear motion platform on your V-slot rail. Similiar to the universal gantry plate that will fit 20 to 80mm widths of V-slot, this smaller form factor only fits the 20mm side. A great way...

  • 5-Hole corner joints for extruded aluminum

    5-Hole corner joints for extruded aluminum $4.99

    Once you have your design planned out, use the 90 degree corner brackets to create a rigid frame...

  • 8mm ACME BLock

    8mm ACME BLock $7.49

     Add this block to any project to change rotational motion to linear motion. Inner threaded hole matches the 8mm ACME thread sold here or any 2mm pitch 8mm diameter ACME screw...

  • 8mm ACME Nut Plate

    8mm ACME Nut Plate $6.99

    This little plate from OpenBuilds allows one to attach and control the four start ACME screw. The block is intended to attach to the end of a piece of OpenBuild's V-slot.

  • 90 degree angle solid bracket

    90 degree angle solid bracket $2.99

    A solid 90, black anodized, fits extruded aluminum and wheels. 

  • ACME Anti-Backlash Nut

    ACME Anti-Backlash Nut $15.99

    SMW3D is very excited about this product! Use this anti-backlash nut with our Tr8*8 ACME thread ( ) to change rotational motion into secured linear motion. SMW3D searched the globe to...

  • Adjustable Tension Anti-Backlash Nut

    Adjustable Tension Anti-Backlash Nut $9.99

    Linear  motion just keeps getting better! Along with SMW3D's anti-backlash nuts, the OpenBuilds team gives us their take on the constant tension drive for the Tr8*8 Acme screw.  The hole spacing on this block is...

  • Aluminum Spacers

    Aluminum Spacers $0.20

    Use these spacers to seperate your wheels, plates, or whatever your project desires from your frame. Fit snuggly to a M3, M4, or M5 bolt to create a rigid connection.  We carry a large variety of...

  • Belt Clamp

    Belt Clamp $0.60

    When the two ends of your belt meet you must secure them somehow to ensure the tension remains in your drive system. This is a great solution, run the two belt ends together and bend the sides down of this clip to get a...

  • Black Self Tapping Screws

    Black Self Tapping Screws $0.29

    A black, .75" long, 10-16 threaded self tapping screw.  

  • C-Beam Actuator end Plates

    C-Beam Actuator end Plates $8.99

    Use these finely machined plates to hold everything tightly together on the C-Beam. The inside has a recess hole for a 688ZZ bearing that will retain the ACME screw, the other side has recessed holes for the mounting bolts...

  • C-Beam Double Wide Gantry plate

    C-Beam Double Wide Gantry plate $13.99

    Standard C-Beam gantry plate simply not big enough to mount everything? OpenBuilds has answered with the double wide plate.  Stack 8 Mini V Wheels on this plate to create a rigid yet smooth connection on the inside of...

  • C-Beam Gantry Plate

    C-Beam Gantry Plate $9.99

    The C-Beam gantry plate is designed to use on the C-Beam and includes all the holes you could possibly want to attach all the great goodies from OpenBuild's product line.  A recess is provided so that you can add an...

  • C-Beam Riser Blocks

    C-Beam Riser Blocks $5.99

    In your design you may need to lift the object your moving off the C-Beam build plate. These blocks will do exactly that. The blocks come in a set of two and will allow a debris block to be mounted (coming soon) to the...

  • Cast Aluminum 90 degree brackets

    Cast Aluminum 90 degree brackets $1.50

    The cast 90 degree corner bracket adds great stability to a corner where T-slot or V-slot meets. Measures 20mmx20mmx17mm and is mounted with T-nuts and M5X8mm screws. 

  • Conical ACME Nut

    Conical ACME Nut $14.50

    The conical ACME nut accepts Tr8*8 ACME and through a spring driven sleeve causes the end of the thread to collapse the housing around the AMCE thread. This creates a tight and long thread engagement.    To...

  • Cross Joining Plate

    Cross Joining Plate $5.99

    This plate is used where you might need a rigid 4 way connection. 5mm thick with a hole pattern to fit the V-slot perfectly. 

  • Cube Corner Connector

    Cube Corner Connector $3.49

    A convenient way to join 20mm V-Slot aluminum. This cube connector is milled out of solid aluminum and given a sleek black anodizing, preserving the look of your machine without sacrificing its functionality...

  • Double T-Nut

    Double T-Nut $0.85

      A double T-nut makes extending your project a breeze. Use two M5 or 5mm set screws, slide between the joints, and tighten. The rails will align perfectly, allowing a V-wheel to run smoothly over the transition...

  • Drop-in T-Nuts

    Drop-in T-Nuts $0.75

    Have the build complete using V-Slot and need to add something mid rail? Drop in T-nuts to the rescue.  Simply drop the T-nut into the rail and insert a M5 screw, turn a couple of threads and the drop in T-nut will...

  • Eccentric Spacer for V-Slot

    Eccentric Spacer for V-Slot $1.99

    This amazing little eccentric spacer is a must have. The eccentric spacer allows you to adjust the tension (or lack of) on the wheel to the V-slot frame. The build plates sold here have one set of top or bottom holes that...

  • Hidden Corner Fastener

    Hidden Corner Fastener $1.99

    A really nice way to join two pieces of V-Slot on a 90 degree angle. Slide one side into the end of a piece of V-Slot, tighten the set screw and then follow for the next piece of V-Slot. (Does not include M4 set...

  • Idler pulley plate

    Idler pulley plate $6.99

    Use this plate to hold the idler pulley opposite your dirve pulley. Bolts directly to your V-slot to provide perfect belt tension.    Everything shown comes in the...

  • Limit switch plate for V-Slot

    Limit switch plate for V-Slot $2.00

    Why not have adjust ability in your limit switches? This great little plate allows you to fine tune exactly where your limit switch will be. Works perfectly with any surface, but best mounted in V-slot or any T-slot,...

  • Lock Collar

    Lock Collar $1.20

      Shaft Collar, Set Screw Type.  Great for use on ACME threaded rod or smooth shaft.        - 1/4" Size - Inside Dia 0.250 In, Outside Dia 0.500 In, Width 0.750 In, Steel with...

  • M3 Cap screws

    M3 Cap screws $0.08

    A large selection of M3 cap screws to use on your project. These are the guys that fit into stepper motors and work perfect with endstops. 

  • M4 screws

    M4 screws $0.10

    M4 screws .7mm pitch to get your project bolted together.    These screws may be black or blue in color...

  • M5 Screws

    M5 Screws $0.16

    Use these M5 screws to put your project together. Sold individually and in various sizes to help get everything together. In less specified these are low profile heads...

  • M5 spring loaded T-Nut

    M5 spring loaded T-Nut $1.29

    The spring loaded T-nut has an M5 thread and is great when your build is complete and you need to add something mid-rail. Slide this in the open slot on V-slot and it will stay in place, waiting for the M5 bolt...

  • Mini V-wheel plate

    Mini V-wheel plate $8.99

    When you have use for the mini V-wheel application this plate will allow for endless mounting capability.  

  • Nema 17 Mounting L Bracket

    Nema 17 Mounting L Bracket $4.25

    Mount your Nema 17 motor without having to worry about belts getting loose. This L mounting bracket has two slots to allow for play in mounting position.

  • Nema 23 Motor Mount

    Nema 23 Motor Mount $7.50

    Mount your Nema 23 motors using this sleek, black mount. Access cutout for easy access to coupler. Motor not included.

  • Nylon Hex Locknut

    Nylon Hex Locknut $0.07

    Lock nuts, they just work! M3 x .5mm pitch M4 x .7mm pitch M5 x .8mm...

  • OpenBuild's Nema 17 Motor Mount

    OpenBuild's Nema 17 Motor Mount $6.95

    Now that you have your frame built, add a motor anywhere along the frame you would like. Fits Nema 17 and 14 frames. Black 6063 T5 1/8”...

  • OpenBuilds Spacer Block

    OpenBuilds Spacer Block $3.99

    Use this nifty spacer block to offset your V-Slot build plate to allow room for belts and wires.

  • Precision Shims

    Precision Shims $0.20

    Use these shims to get perfect alignment anywhere you need it. The product's particular description provides the size.    A note, if your build requires the use of full size wheels and mini wheels use the 10x5x...

  • Spoiler board nut

    Spoiler board nut $0.30

    These are great little nuts to use on an OX or CNC of your making. Drill a ~1/4" hole in your spoiler board, hammer in, and use 1/4"-20 bolt to fasten down your work piece...

  • Springs

    Springs $0.15

    A selection of springs for your build! The first one, Extruder Spring is great for direct drive extruders.  20mm long x 5mm inside bore x 1.18mm wire The second, Belt Spring, one is great to add to belts to keep a...

  • T Joining Plate

    T Joining Plate $4.65

    In designing your build if you have a need to make a T connection, for a support leg for instance, this plate will provide a rigid connection. 

  • Tee-Nuts

    Tee-Nuts $0.20

    These Tee-Nuts slide into your extruded aluminum frame and allow you to attach anything you want without hassle of twisting...

  • Threaded Inserts

    Threaded Inserts $0.29

    A great way to secure your plastic work piece by using heat. Heat up brass insert and install into area needed follow with a threaded screw to secure your work piece. Check out our hardware selection for matching fasteners...

  • Threaded Rod Plate

    Threaded Rod Plate $6.99

    This threaded rod plate is designed to center the 8mm ACME threaded rod for stability. Used on the Shapeoko this plate is 6063 -T6 with black anodized finish and fits the V-slot profile perfectly...

  • Universal L bracket

    Universal L bracket $1.29

    Use these "L" brackets to secure two pieces of V-slot or T-slot together in 90 degree corner. The single would be used on 20x20, double on 20x40, triple on 20x60. 

  • V-Slot Actuator End Mount

    V-Slot Actuator End Mount $10.99

    Ready to drive your V-Slot built project? These are a perfect solution for attaching Nema 17 motors and smooth idler pulleys. Fits all sizes of V-slot.   

  • V-Slot Build Plate

    V-Slot Build Plate $18.99

      This build plate allows you to attach all the cool peripherals to your V-slot based project. The hole spacing will accept eccentric spacers as well as fasteners and fits 20X20mm to 20X80mm V-slot...

  • V-Slot End Cap

    V-Slot End Cap $1.99

    Give your V-Slot project a cleaner, more stunning, finishing touch with this beautiful black anodized aluminum end cap. Stack-able so it will fit all sizes. 

  • V-slot gantry plate

    V-Slot gantry plate $12.00

    Once you have designed and built your frame you will want to mount your hotend (for 3D printing) or spindle (for CNC work). This is the plate you need! The V-slot gantry plate fits all sizes of V-slot and the holes are...