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The tools required to control all those signals and electrons. 

  • 10A 250v Inlet Module Plug Power Socket

    10A 250v Inlet Module Plug Power Socket $4.99

    Give your build a clean look as well as an on/off switch by adding an inlet for easy control.    Note: Wiring required, Fuse not...

  • Flexible PET Sheathing to bundle wires.

    10mm Expandable sleeving $3.54

    The ultimate in cleaning up your build! Once you have made your wiring harnes with this wire and these connectors, dress up and protect these works of art! PTFE expandable braided sleeving comes in black, white, purple,...

  • 2-Wire Fan (5V, 12V or 24 volt DC)

    2-Wire Fan (5V, 12V or 24 volt DC) $7.50

    These are great little fans to keep you cool. The fan's shaft rides on two ball bearings to provide a long service life. Fits the E3D V5 and V6 and available in 12 and 24VDC!   There also a 5V available for those low...

  • 20mm X 20mm X 10mm fan

    20mm X 20mm X 10mm fan $5.99

    This little guy is perfect where you do not have space and do not need massive air flow. Great for hanging off of hotends and boards.  20mm x 20mm x10mm 5 VDC .08 A 3 wire (center is for PWM) but can be used on two...

  • 22 gauge wire for endstops, motors, and sensors

    22 gauge wire for endstops, motors, and sensors $0.50

    Tired of electrical tape and heat shrink tubing? Ok, grab some of this 22 gauge wire that comes in 4 wire strips and sold by the foot, and all will look professional.  Can be seperated to be 2 or 3 wire combinations and...

  • Cable Chain

    Cable Chain $12.40

    Cable chains, sometimes referred to as energy chains, assist to keep your wires our of moving and rotating components.  Specs: Plastic construction Typical length is 1 meter Capable of being shortened Dimensions...

  • Centrifugal Fan

    Centrifugal Fan $7.50

    These fans are great to mount anywhere you have a lack of space and need a constant flow of air.  50mm x 50mm x 15mm is a 12V fan, mounts on 60mm centers 40mm x 40mm x 20mm is a 24V fan, mounts on 50mm centers shaft...

  • DC Power Supply

    DC Power Supply $29.99

    The heart of your dream (project) is the power supply.   The market is flooded with no name products that do not have to follow a quality plan. The power supplies listed here are from a names that do back their...

  • DC Voltage Regulator

    DC Voltage Regulator $5.75

    The LM2596 DC voltage regulator is an extremely useful little board.   The board takes a DC voltage input, and through adjustment of the trim pot allows you to step-down the voltage output to fit your power needs...

  • 2.54mm Dupont connectors

    Dupont 2.54 connector housings and pins $0.15

    Make your own wiring harness. Rid your build of electrical tape and loose connections. These Dupont 2.54 mm connectors used along with SMW3D's Crimp tool and wire will make your build look professional. The 2.54mm...

  • Emergency STOP Switch

    Emergency STOP Switch $4.99

    A great way to protect your cut or print! Add this emergency stop button between your power supply and machine. If an issue arises hit the button and it will lock down! The button requires twisting to reconnect the...

  • End Stop or Limit Switch

    End Stop or Limit Switch $2.15

    Hold your Horses   Limit or end stop switches are used on CNC applications to let the controller know where home is and if soft limits are set the distance of safe travel. Mechanical switch Small switch mechanical...

  • Endstops

    Endstops $1.25

    How does your machine know when to stop?  These are perfect solution.  The endstop comes with a 3 wire pin connector, 1m long,  with a 2.54mm DuPont connector that will plug directly on to any controller...

  • Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment

    Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment $1.25

    Sold by the foot this little pack includes 600V 125C: 2mm 3mm 6mm and 8mm heat shrink tubing. This should cover almost any...

  • Inductive or proximity sensor for bed tramming/leveling

    Inductive or proximity sensor for bed tramming/leveling $4.99

    This great little sensor can reduce bed leveling/tramming greatly!   Mount this to your extruder and make a firmware update and stop messing with those screws on your print bed.   SMW3D could speak to this for...

  • Kapton Tape

    Kapton Tape $2.75

    Katon tape is to the CNC and 3D open cource community as duct tape is to the rest of the world.  Specs: Available in 15mm and 200mm width Short term heat resistance 300C Long term heat resistance 250C (this means it...

  • Power Cable for 110V Power Supply

    Power Cable for 110V Power Supply $6.50

    If you are using a power supply such as this, use this cable to make the connection to a standard 110 U.S. outlet.   Specs: Black  3 prong 6' long 18AWG 3 wire   How to hook up to the power...

  • PT100 Amplifier Board

    PT100 Amplifier Board $24.99

    This amplifier will allow a sensing range of up-to and beyond 400C, the maximum safe working temperature of an all metal hotend. Truly amazing. Extrude materials that require a higher temperature as well as get a more...

  • PWM 3 wire Fan

    PWM 3 wire Fan $4.99

    This is a high quality 3 wire fan that allows you to control the amount of air you are moving via a microcontroller. These are great for cooling either a print or the board. They are also great for keeping your CNC...

  • RAMPS wiring kit

    RAMPS wiring kit $17.99

    The RAMPS wiring kit comes with 9 wiring harnesses that are 24 gauge wire, 70cm long per lead: 2 x 2 pole (one hotend thermistor, one bed thermistor) 3 x 3 pole (three endstops) 4 x 4 pole (four stepper motors) The kit...

  • Screw Type Connector

    Screw Type Connector $0.12

    1. L Type 3 pin 5.08mm Pitch Screw Terminal Block Connector Male and Female included 2. L type 3 pin 6.35mm Pitch Screw Terminal Block Connector Wire Cage Type  3. L type 6 pin 5.08mm Pitch Screw Terminal Block...

  • Thermistors

    Thermistors $0.99

    The thermistor is an affordable way for the 3D printing community to monitor temperature.  E3D replacement thermistor: (the old bulb type) is the Semitech direct replacement 100k ohm thermistor from E3D,...

  • Viki2 Display

    Viki2 Display $75.00

    ViKi 2.0 is an easy to use LCD control panel interface designed for 3D printers and CNC machines but can also be used for other micro controller projects. It allows your 3D printer to operate without a PC always connected...