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DIY Quad Area

So why is a 3D printing and CNC business getting into the DIY quad arena?

 Well, the SMW3D team loves to fly and these little guys are super fun and a great DIY project. Owning a printer and CNC we can make most hardware and experiment with camera mounts and frames, so why not?

 Plus, most our friends and customers are into this as well, and we all hate waiting two weeks for parts to ship!


    ARRIS ESCs $8.50

    ARRIS ESC(Electronic Speed Control) will give your quad a boost, small size and snappy response. These things are micro in size compared to others, check out the specs below. 12A and 20A options are available...

  • ARRIS Mi600s Video Transmitter

    ARRIS Mi600s Video Transmitter $72.99

    MI600s is the second generation of 5.8G FPV video transmitters. The frequency is upgraded to 32ch making it compatable with all receivers on market.   Features:  Perfect signal transmission from the super compact...

  • Boscam A/V Transmitter

    Boscam A/V Transmitter $35.99

    Ready for a serious AV (Audio/Video) transmitter? Check out the Boscam 5.8GHz 32 channel transmitter.  Specs: NTSC/PAL capable Includes power cable and antenna Operating voltage 7-16V Supply Current 220mA Video band...

  • Bullnose Props

    Bullnose Props $1.50

    Bull-nose props will give you the advantage of saving space and increasing thrust by shortning the props at little to no negative performance changes. Comes in packs of two (one CW and one CCW)   Specs: Comes in three...

  • CC3D Flight Controller

    CC3D Flight Controller $14.99

    The so-called brains of the operation, CC3D flight controllers are a multiroter controller ready to take you anywhere! Comes in two models, CC3D and CC3D Mini. CC3D:  Weight: 5.7g Dimensions: 36x36mm Mounting: M3 holes...

  • Composite 5045 Props

    Composite 5045 Props $3.50

    Composed of nylon and carbon fiber, these props are stronger than your average plastic props.    Specs: 5" long 4.5" pitch...

  • EMAX Brushless Motors

    EMAX Brushless Motors $12.80

    EMAX 1804: Framework: 12N14P KV: 2480KV Length: 24.7mm Diameter: 23mm No. of cells: 3S Max Thrust: 300g Shaft: 2mm Propeller: 4"-5" Weight: 14g EMAX 1806: Framework: 12N14P KV: 2280KV Length: 26.7mm Diameter: 23mm No. of...

  • EMAX Carbon Fiber Props

    EMAX Carbon Fiber Props $4.99

    Emax carbon fiber props. Comes in two sizes, 5x3 and 6x3.   Specs:   5x3: Carbon Fiber Prop Diameter - 5in Prop Pitch - 3in 6x3: Carbon Fiber Prop Diameter - 6in Prop Pitch - 3in...

  • EMAX FPV250 Replacement Arm

    EMAX FPV250 Replacement Arm $6.67

    Pure carbon fiber replacement arm for EMAX FPV250 quad

  • EMAX FPV250 Replacement Bottom Board

    EMAX FPV250 Replacement Bottom Board $6.67

    Pure carbon fiber replacement bottom board for FPV250 quad

  • EMAX FPV250 Replacement Middle Board

    EMAX FPV250 Replacement Middle Board $11.17

    Pure carbon fiber replacement middle board for EMAX FPV250 quad

  • EMAX MT2204 II Cooling Series

    EMAX MT2204 II Cooling Series $18.00

    Part of the EMAX cooling series, the MT2204 II will get your quad to where it needs to go. Comes in clockwise and counter clockwise.   Specs: Framework: 12N14P KV: 2300KV Length: 29.2mm Diameter: 27.9mm No. of cells:...

  • EMAX Nano Series ESC

    EMAX Nano Series ESC $9.99

    The EMAX Nano Series is advertised as the smallest ESC in the world. They are compatible with Skyline32, Naze32, Pixhawk, CC3D and other mainstream Flight Controllers.    Multiple protection features...

  • EMAX Simon Series ESC

    EMAX Simon Series ESC $7.20

    Based on Simon K firmware, this model is further optimized to the perfect drive performance. The Simon Series 12A ESC has Low-voltage protection, over-heat protection and self-check functions. Seperate power supply for MCU...

  • FPV 250 Pro Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

    FPV 250 Pro Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame $69.99

    This kit comes with everything you need to build the 250 Pro frame. Made from carbon fiber, you're going to have a difficult time breaking this quad frame. Does not come with motors, ESCs, props, batteries, etc.  ...

  • FrSky XJT Transmitter

    FrSky XJT Transmitter $34.99

    FrSky XJT, an affordable transmitter that will constantly perform and can be used on multiple radios.  The SMW3D team has used these on JR and Turnigy radios and love it installed on both.  Specs: Super simple...

  • GemFan 3-Blade Props

    GemFan 3-Blade Props $3.75

    GemFan 5x3 3-Blade Props for electric flight Specs: Prop Diameter - 5in Prop Pitch - 3in Constructed for direct drive applications Colors: Green/Black Four props in this kit: 2 qty CW, 2 qty CCW Composite material  ...

  • GemFan Props

    GemFan Props $2.25

    GemFan Props come in two sizes and three colors: Green 5x3, Green 6x3, Black 5x3, Black 6x3, and White 5x3. All come in packs of four.   Specs: 5x3: Prop Diameter - 5in Prop Pitch - 3in 6x3 Prop Diameter - 6in Prop...

  • Guerrilla Drone Quad frame

    Guerrilla Drone Quad frame $45.00

    Ready to step up your quad game?  Try one of these professionally built frames from Guerrilla Drone. Available in two build sizes the awesome Tadpole 180, a quick and nible frame, and the Toad 250 V2, a super fast...

  • Mobius Action Camera

    Mobius Action Camera $74.99

    Mobius has become THE name for capturing cool video of awesome quad flights. The small footprint and low weight allow this camera to be mounted to your quad to provide a smooth solution.  SMW3D carries the standard "A"...

  • Nighthawk Pro 280 Rear Arm

    Nighthawk Pro 280 Rear Arm $9.50

    Nighthawk 280 replacement rear arm. Comes with one arm.

  • Nighthawk Racing 200 Quadcopter Frame

    Nighthawk Racing 200 Quadcopter Frame $49.99

    Built for speed and durability, this 200 racing quad when matched with bull-nose props is an awesome acro frame. The 3mm all carbon fiber unibody main frame (or 4mm option if you plan on crashing often) is made for...

  • Pulse Batteries

    Pulse Batteries $12.99

    Need clean power on a quad or a project? Check out Pulse!   These are great batteries getting great reviews everywhere. The Pulse batteries are found to retain low IR numbers even after multiple cycles. The battery is...

  • Quad Battery Connectors

    Quad Battery Connectors $1.49

    High Amperage high temp nylon bullet connectors used for Quads, 3D Printers, and CNC machines.  Comes with one male and female connector XT30: 30A 2 pole connector.  XT60: 60A 2 pole connector, this is the...