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Controllers & Electronics

  •  Water Pump 110V

    Water Pump 110V $38.48

    When over heating is a factor for losing function of your machine, turn to the 110v water pump to cool your tool. This is the very water pump used by SMW3D on our production R7 CNC router's 800W...

  • 110V Power Inverter

    110V Power Inverter $158.10

    Nowforever 110V AC Inverter for 800W spindle. Set spindle speed direction Read voltage and amperage Adjust spindle speed on face pot Read spindle Hz Removable face with remote strap 15A output Single phase...

  • Azteeg X5 GT

    Azteeg X5 GT $110.00

    The X5 GT is a 32 bit ARM based Motion controller for 3D printers, CNC Machines and Laser cutters. The X5 GT runs on Smoothieware firmware and is based on Smoothieboard. The X5 GT uses the powerful 32bit, 120Mhz...

  • Azteeg X5 Mini V3

    Azteeg X5 Mini V3 $113.00

    The X5 mini V3 is a 32 bit ARM based Motion controller for 3D printers, CNC Machines and Laser cutters. The X5 mini runs on Smoothieware firmware and is based on Smoothieboard. The X5 mini uses the powerful 32bit,...

  • CamBam CNC Software

    CamBam CNC Software $149.00

    CamBam CNC software is a downloadable CAM product. This is SMW3D's favored CAM product and we are proud to offer it to our makers.  What is CAM good for? Well, more than to open valves on a motor. In the CNC realm the...

  • Emergency STOP Switch

    Emergency STOP Switch $3.50

    A great way to protect your cut or print! Add this emergency stop button between your power supply and machine. If an issue arises hit the button and it will lock down! The button requires twisting to reconnect the...

  • Gradus M1 PRO CNC

    Gradus M1 PRO CNC $69.00

    The Gradus M1 PRO is a 4 driver / 3 axis CNC controller running GRBL v0.9. It has accepts pololu style drivers like the SD8825, SD6128 and A4988. It also has sockets for the newly developed Bigfoot driver profile which...

  • Grbl Board

    Grbl Board $34.99

    CNC V3 Shield, Arduino UNO R3 and 4x DRV8825 This tidy board is compact and perfect for people in the DIY community who enjoy milling. compatible with GRBL firmware. Grbl is a free, open source, high performance CNC...

  • Smoothieboard

    Smoothieboard $134.99

    Smoothieboard is an all in one board for digital fabrication machines. It is made to be used for 3D printers (Reprap) CNC machines, and laser cutters. This board has so many uses and arrives at your doorstep pre-flashed and...

  • Spindle Speed Control

    Spindle Speed Control $19.99

    The spindle speed control is used to deligate the proper voltage to your quiet cut spindle. The speed control can be controlled via a pwm signal or a potentiometer that is on-board.  Specifications: 10A max...

  • TinyG

    TinyG $129.99

    The TinyG is a CNC controller that takes the Gcode from your computer and turns it into the physical motion for your CNC.    To assist in understanding we can look at the tool chain of the CNC router, the OX kit...

  • Touch Sensor

    Touch Sensor $7.99

    The touch sensor is a great add-on for CNC applications. This allows one to set the gap between the end mill and the work piece. The maker of Chilipeppr added a cool feature to utilize this sensor.  To use the sensor...