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3D Printing

  • 1.75mm Bowden Tubing

    1.75mm Bowden Tubing $0.99

    The bowden tubing is sold in 100mm sections. What is a Bowden feed? A quick explanation:  In the realm of 3D printing there are two separate ways to get your filament to the hotend. One is right out of a motor with a...

  • 12VDC Heater Cartridge

    12VDC Heater Cartridge $10.99

    A 12VDC 40W heater cartridge with one meter leads. These are used in a number of hotends. High power ceramic heater cartridge with silicon insulated high temperature wires. 

  • 2-Wire Fan (5V, 12V or 24 volt DC)

    2-Wire Fan (5V, 12V or 24 volt DC) $7.50

    These are great little fans to keep you cool. The fan's shaft rides on two ball bearings to provide a long service life. Fits the E3D V5 and V6 and available in 12 and 24VDC!   There also a 5V available for those low...

  • 24VDC Heater Cartridge

    24VDC Heater Cartridge $10.99

    A 24VDC 40W heater cartridge with 1 meter leads. These are used in a number of hotends. High power ceramic heater cartridge with silicon insulated high temperature wires.    If you have ordered an E3D and have a...

  • 3.0mm Bowden Tubing

    3.0mm Bowden Tubing $0.99

      The bowden tubing is sold in 100mm sections. ID: 3.175mm OD: 6.35mm What is a Bowden feed? A quick explanation:  In the realm of 3D printing there are two separate ways to get your filament to the...

  • Atomic PLA 1.75mm

    Atomic PLA 1.75mm $29.99

    Filament comes in shapes and sizes. Atomic PLA filament offers richer colors, high strength, accurate dimensions, and overall better performance. Why settle for less when you can treat your printer with...

  • Atomic Translucent PLA 1.75mm

    Atomic Translucent PLA 1.75mm $29.99

    Filament comes in shapes and sizes. Atomic PLA filament offers richer colors, high strength, accurate dimensions, and overall better performance. Why settle for less when you can treat your printer with...

  • Block & Sock - V6 Upgrade Kit

    Block & Sock - V6 Upgrade Kit $22.99

    Contains all you'll need to upgrade your standard E3Dv6 hotend to the new Sock & Thermistor Cartridge Block. V6 cartridge-style heater block Silicone Sock V6 (x3) The new cartridge thermistor Thermistor...

  • BondTech QR

    BondTech QR $155.28

    Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our printers. The first print after a long assembly process, that perfect gift coming out amazing and the extruder moving to the side after a successful 36 hour print all make us...

  • Standard Mount for Bondtech QR

    Bondtech QR Mount $7.00

    This Bondtech QR Mount is made to fit, of course, the Bondtech QR 3D printer extruder. Securely mount your Bondtech to your printer with one (or more) of these carefully printed mounts...

  • Dyze at

    Dyze Design Hot End $80.34

    SMW3d recieved a funny looking little extruder a while back. After days of testing we knew we had to have this extruder!! Introducing the Dyze Design DyzEnd   The hot end and extruder are both designed and...

  • Dyze Hot End Nozzles

    Dyze Hot End Nozzles $19.34

    Dyze Nozzles.  Stainless steel.  Ready to install, comes with washer.  Sold as kit or stand...

  • DyzeXtruder Kit

    DyzeXtruder Kit $173.45

    The DyzeXtruder kit is perfect for increasing your printer's performance. This all metal extruder kit is durable and gets up to 500°C to print with virtually any 1.75mm filament you wish. Tired of burning...

  • E3D Embedded Bowden Coupling

    E3D Embedded Bowden Coupling $2.99

    Pneumatic fitting for the 3mm bowden and 1.75mm universal E3D V6. 

  • E3D Heat Break

    E3D Heat Break $17.50

    The E3D heat break is engineered to perfection. The heat break's task is to prevent all the wattage being generated in the heater block from traveling up the filament.    E3D's heat break does this better than most...

  • E3D Heat Sink 1.75mm Universal

    E3D Heat Sink 1.75mm Universal $17.50

    A spare 1.75mm Heat Sink for your E3D V6 in the event you need one... 

  • E3D Heater Block

    E3D Heater Block $16.45

    Essential for every 3D printer, the E3D v5, v6 and PT100 V6 heater blocks will make great additions to your printer. One of the greatest improvements in the E3D V6 was the clamp on the thermistor and heater cartridge. The...

  • E3D Hobb-Goblin extruder gear

    E3D Hobb-Goblin extruder gear $14.99

    The E3D Hobb-Goblin extruder gear is an aggresive stainless drive gear made by a group that specializes in this area of your printer.  CNC made, the ID of the gear is 5mm and sharp points that contact the filament make...

  • E3D 1.75mm

    E3D Hotend V6 1.75mm $79.99

    Brought to you by, THE HOTEND of the open source community the E3D V6 1.75mm. Imported from E3D directly so you can get your hands on it quickly and find out why the market uses this hotend...

  • E3D 3.00mm full kit

    E3D Hotend V6 3.00mm $79.99

    Brought to you by, THE HOTEND of the open source community the E3D V6 3.00mm. Imported from E3D directly so you can get your hands on it quickly and find out why the market uses this hotend almost exclusively...

  • E3D Hotend V6 all metal kit

    E3D Hotend V6 all metal kit $62.00

    If you have a good thermistor, heater cartridge, and fan set-up this is a great way to save some money!  Includes: .4mm nozzle Heatbreak Heatsink Heater block all screws and washers needed This kit includes everything...

  • E3D Lite6

    E3D Lite6 $34.99

    So, you want to upgrade your build or current printer to an E3D product. You want to do this due to many reasons; the quality is amazing according to all reviews, the Volcano spitting out huge layers is another and you are...

  • E3D Nozzle Fun Pack

    E3D Nozzle Fun Pack $39.99

    A fun collection of E3D-v6 ecosystem nozzles all conveniently packaged together in a tin case. Suitable for all E3D hotends except for Cyclops. This collection includes a wide range of nozzles to appease your exploration...

  • E3D Nozzle Wrench

    E3D nozzle wrench $1.79

    A handy little wrench that fits the E3D nozzles (except Cyclops) and allows for less fuss removing and changing nozzles.    Specs: 7mm  Stamped zinc plated...

  • E3D spare nozzles

    E3D Spare Nozzles $7.99

    A spare nozzle is not needed, but it sure makes life nice to have several spares!  The nozzles have been reworked by E3D since the V5 and the change is amazing! SMW3D noted a much smoother and consistent extrude even...

  • E3D Titan Extruder

    E3D Titan Extruder $59.99

    Reliable, repeatable, universal, and user friendly, E3D's Titan extruder is all of these. With a 3:1 gearing ratio, you are able to use lightweight motors as you'll need less torque for the same pushing force. Be it...

  • E3D Titan Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit

    E3D Titan Prusa i3 Upgrade Kit $127.50

    Don't pass up this opportunity to utilize this upgrade kit to attach and print with an e3d Titan extruder on your Prusa i3 3D printer. This kit features the e3d V6 hotEnd and the Titan Extruder on a lightweight and a very...

  • E3D Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade

    E3D Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade $215.99

    This is the Ultimate Extrusion Upgrade for Ultimaker 3D Printers. Compatible with Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker Extended. Upgrade your printer with E3D's titan extruder and just when you think the deal can't be...

  • E3D V6 Groove Mounting Plate

    E3D V6 Groove Mounting Plate $5.99

    A laser cut groove mount that allows the E3D V6 to be mounted to a custom extruder via two mounting holes.  

  • E3D Volcano kits

    E3D Volcano kits $34.99

    So you have an E3D hotend, V5 or V6. What else can you do with this magical super hotend? Why not add the effect of allowing it to super spew plastic?  The Volcano kits attach to your exsiting hotend at the location...

  • E3D's Chimera/Cyclops

    E3D's Chimera/Cyclops $129.99

    Want to go dual extrusion? E3D gives us the chimera and cyclops, funky names but a serious product! 12v extruders, includes hotend sock and updated thermistor.   The quality the industry has come to know from E3D...

  • Extruder gear

    Extruder gear $3.99

    This is a small family of various extruder gears.  Specs: MK8: 5mm bore, 9mm OD, 7mm effective diameter MK7: 5mm bore, 12mm OD, 10.6mm effective diameter Brass gear: 5mm bore, 9.95mm OD and effective diameter...

  • Groove Mount Bowden Adaptor

    Groove Mount Bowden Adaptor $8.99

    Use this awesome little adapter in your extruder (such as the BondTech) to connect the hotend to the extruder via Bowden tubing.   The groove mount profile is exactly like the E3D hotend top.  Includes the...

  • Heated Beds for 3D Printers

    Heated Beds for 3D Printers $10.99

    A heated bed will allow prints to contract slower and adhere better to substrates that have an adhesive on them such as glue sticks or hair spray. When printing with ABS and most engineered filament, a heated bed is...

  • Micro SD card adapter for RAMPS

    Micro SD card adapter for RAMPS $4.99

    This fun little adapter is for those that do not want to add an LCD but want an onboard memory for the RAMPS 1.4.  Specifications: Up to 50MB/s data transfer SPI mode supply voltage 4...

  • MKS Base V1.2 3D Printer controller

    MKS Base V1.2 3D Printer controller $30.00

    Tired of that double stack RAMPS and MEGA controller? Enter the MKS Base 1.2. This board will give you all the comforts you are used to in Marlin with the RAMPS board while reducing the bulk the controller takes up...

  • n-vent 1.75mm 1lb

    n-vent 1.75mm 1lb $44.00

    n-vent is a tough filament that can be used in a more functional way than other filaments. Can be used in projects that are in contact with food products. Specs: Clarity and gloss Dimensional stability Ease of...

  • NinjaFlex flexible 3D printer filament

    NinjaFlex Flexible 3D Filaments $51.99 $45.00

    The uniquely flexible and amazing, engineered filament.                                                ...

  • Nozzle Cleaning Drill Bits

    Nozzle Cleaning Drill Bits $1.99

    These handy little guys are great for cleaning and reshaping the nozzle on your 3D printer's hotend. Occasionally, you may crash into the bed and deform the nozzle tip or gather a piece of trash in the flow path, this is the...

  • Prometheus Nozzle

    Prometheus Nozzle $25.50

    Nozzle for Prometheus hotend. Comes in 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 1mm. Backwards compatable with Prometheus V1.1. 0.3mm length: 33mm 0.4mm length: 34mm 0.6mm length: 36mm 1mm length: 40mm...

  • Prometheus V2

    Prometheus V2 $59.00

    Are you looking for something to help you print it all? Look no further for Prometheus V2 is here. Made from all stainless steel, Prometheus V2 is extremely durable and can print using special filament. Comes in 12/24V, 1...

  • PT100 Amplifier Board

    PT100 Amplifier Board $24.99

    This amplifier will allow a sensing range of up-to and beyond 400C, the maximum safe working temperature of an all metal hotend. Truly amazing. Extrude materials that require a higher temperature as well as get a more...

  • PT100 temp sensor

    PT100 temp sensor $19.80

    The PT100 is a high temperature, highly accurate sensor to use on the E3D products. The sensor is a great alternative to the stock thermistor. This allows accurate temperature measurement up to 400C, and removes the need for...

  • RAMPS 1.4 Kit

    RAMPS 1.4 Kit $41.99

    If a power supply is the heart of your 3D printer, this would be the brain.  Included in the package: 1 qty RAMPS 1.4 board completely soldered 5 qty A4988 stepper sticks completely soldered 15 qty jumpers (for setting...

  • RAMPS wiring kit

    RAMPS wiring kit $17.99

    The RAMPS wiring kit comes with 9 wiring harnesses that are 24 gauge wire, 70cm long per lead: 2 x 2 pole (one hotend thermistor, one bed thermistor) 3 x 3 pole (three endstops) 4 x 4 pole (four stepper motors) The kit...

  • Rumba

    Rumba $55.99

    Have more steppers than the typical board can handle? Rumba to the rescue. An ATmega's AVR driven board, using the Arduino IDE to set firmware just like a RAMPS stack.  Specs: 5 interfaces for temp sensors LCD...

  • Smoothieboard

    Smoothieboard $134.99

    Smoothieboard is an all in one board for digital fabrication machines. It is made to be used for 3D printers (Reprap) CNC machines, and laser cutters. This board has so many uses and arrives at your doorstep pre-flashed and...

  • Taulman 910 Alloy

    Taulman 910 Alloy $36.00

    Alloy 910 is a measurable advancement in 3D Printing materials technology from taulman3D.  taulman Alloy 910 is the combined effort of chemical companies, extrusion manufactures and taulman3D to specifically develop a...

  • Taulman Bridge

    Taulman Bridge $18.00

    Bridging the strength of nylon 645 together with the price of current ABS and PLA thermoplastics, Taulman's Bridge filament brings strength to your prints at a lower price.   Lab certified measure of tensile strength...

  • Taulman ComPlete Nylon Glue

    Taulman ComPlete Nylon Glue $22.00

    Taulman's ComPlete Nylon Glue is used to glue multiple nylon parts together. This grants the ability to make a large print with a small printer.

  • Taulman guidel!ne 1.75mm

    Taulman guidel!ne 1.75mm $42.00

    guidel!ne is a clear PETG based polymer that prints at 250C. guidel!ne is very easy to print, needing only a small amount of retraction.  A key feature of guidel!ne is that one can easily print small hollow tubes...

  • Taulman Nylon 618

    Taulman Nylon 618 $19.75

    NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A E3D HOTEND,THIS MATERIAL IS NOT FOR BEGINNER USE! Nylon 618 requires an extrusion temperature of 242 to 248C. This will require a firmware change on most systems. Nylon 618 will not stick to...

  • Taulman Nylon 645

    Taulman Nylon 645 $29.25

    Taulman brings forth an engineered nylon that is in a class all its own.  645 is currently being used by CNC shops around the world to support quick turn prototypes for Pre-Pilot and Pilot runs as well as some limited...

  • Taulman PCTPE 1.75mm

    Taulman PCTPE 1.75mm $30.00

    PCTPE stands for "Plasticized Copolyamide TPE" or a chemical co-polymer of highly flexible nylon and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) .  PCTPE has several unique features that allow any user to print a highly flexible part...

  • t-glase Black

    Taulman t-glase $30.00

      Taulman has brought an amazing symbol to the 3D printing world, not only with his classic black jacket logo, but in a product that has the ability to move the industry! t-glase not only looks good but it has...

  • Taulman T-Lyne 1.75mm

    Taulman T-Lyne 1.75mm $38.00

    T-Lyne is a super high durability, glass clear flexible mawterial From taulman3D and DuPont. Come in one pound or one kilogram spools. 3D Printing:Printing Temp = 220CPrinting speed = 20mm/s w/0.4mm NozzleUse Part fans...

  • Thermistors

    Thermistors $0.99

    The thermistor is an affordable way for the 3D printing community to monitor temperature.  Specs: 100k Ohm NTC 3950 1% Cable 1m 2 pin connector (fits pins on shields such as the arduino and RAMPS)   Option...

  • V6 Molded Fan Duct

    V6 Molded Fan Duct $3.99

    A molded fan duct for your E3D v6. Does not fit the V5. 

  • V6 Silicone Socks - 3 pack

    V6 Silicone Socks - 3 pack $5.49

    3 pack of non-stick silicone socks for e3d V6 style heater block with thermistor cartridges. They will not properly fit the screw-washed clamped thermistor style E3D-v6 Block. They fit the new cartridge style thermistor...